Research Core and Unit

Research Department

Within the Research Department, the central body of the Institute, there are three research cores.

Each core consists of multiple units which promote interdisciplinary research to open new fields of scientific inquiry.

Core Introduction Cancer Research Core

Innovative basic cancer research and practical applications

Most of people die from cancer due to cancer metastasis or recurrence of cancer due to the development of anticancer drug resistance. The process of metastasis and development of anticancer drug resistance are called malignant progression. Our research core promotes research on cancer stem cells which are the origins of cancer, molecular research which cause malignant progression and become target of cancer treatment, and cancer model research which is the same nature with cancer that patients develop. Our research core brings together researchers from various fields, including medicine, science, agriculture, and pharmaceutical science. We promote innovative basic research and practical application to understand cancer biology and mechanisms of cancer malignant progression and contribute to cancer treatment.

Core Introduction Innovative Integrated
Bio-Research Core

Research and development for creating society of health and longevity

Biotechnology is expected to develop innovations for the creation of a society of health and longevity in an aged society. Six research units, which specialize in biology, medical science, mathematical science, and pharmaceutical science, engage in research on cancer and life style diseases that hinder society of health and longevity and lead to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these diseases. By utilizing experimental data in biology and medical science for mathematical science and applying the research results to pharmaceutical science, we advance research for creation of society for health and longevity.

Core Introduction Future Society Creation
Research Core

Contribution to creation of future society through interdisciplinary research

As the economy grows, we face difficulties of compatibility between global environmental conservation and the consumption of food, resources, and energy. Also, we face issues on a global scale such as limited natural resources and issues on a local scale such as low birth rate and aging population. This research core consists of six units whose researchers have diverse academic backgrounds including humanities and social sciences and natural sciences. Looking at complex issues in modern society not only from single academic discipline, but also from comprehensive perspective across disciplines, we promote research and development for technology and creation of self-contained social system in future society.