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Functional Supramolecular Materials Research Unit

Development of functional solid materials based on supramolecules

Specialty:chemistry of functional physical property nano-structural chemistry polymer chemistry

Keyword:supramolecules composite physical property self-organization nano-structure analysis

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MIZUNO Motohiro

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For establishing a sustainable society and its development, improved performance and diversification of functional materials are desired, and specific functions of supramolecules, which are molecular assemblies formed by weak interactions of molecules (non-covalent bonds), have recently attracted much attention. In this Research Unit, researchers with disciplines such as supramolecular chemistry, polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, complex chemistry and physical chemistry collaborate across the borders of research fields and research domains (basic research and applied research). Through such endeavors, this Research Unit aims to develop functional materials with groundbreaking properties by taking advantage of characteristics of supramolecules. By fully utilizing sophisticated techniques for the creation and analysis of supramolecules developed at Kanazawa University, this Research Unit promotes integrated research for development of novel functional solid materials at both small molecule and macromolecule levels, which should contribute to a sustainable society.