About InFiniti

Aiming to be a world
premier research center

The Institute was established on April 2015 for the purpose of creating innovative research results and opening new fields of scientific inquiry. The Institute enhances the academic advantages of Kanazawa University, promotes interdisciplinary research, and accelerates international circulation of talented researchers. It also cultivates young researchers’ interdisciplinarity, comprehensiveness, and internationality on the basis of its research results.

About the Organization

InFiniti consists of three units: Research Department, Higher Education Department, and Research Support Department.
Research Department promotes interdisciplinary research to open new fields of scientific inquiry.
Higher Education Department cultivates young researchers to acquire interdisciplinarity, comprehensiveness, and internationality.
In addition, Research Support Department supports the activities of the Research and Higher Education Departments.


Research Promotion Affairs Division, Kanazawa University

Kakuma, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-1192 JAPAN