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Bio-innovative design Research Unit

Research and development of bio-innovative design technology

Specialty:design engineering biomechanics optimal design material mechanics

Keyword:design engineering biomechanics optimal design computational dynamics fibrous material material mechanics

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For a long time, the importance of mimicking biological morphology in the research and development of design technology has been well recognized. However, its application to machine design has not yet been successful, which may be due to the difficulty of direct mimicking because of differences of scale and load. This Research Unit aims to approach this by obtaining inspiration from the superior designs of biological structures, for “bio-innovative design technology” for designing groundbreaking machine structures, which will lead to industrial applications.
Such bio-innovative designs consist of (1) development of structure design technology using a database of biological morphology, (2) development of optimal design by full use of the database, and (3) development of design and manufacture technology. This Research Unit, by integrating the developments mentioned above, promotes technology for the design and manufacturing of complex structural components with the aid of braid technology. Through such research and development, the Unit aims to create multi-directional innovations in mechanical engineering designs by proposing breakthroughs in design technology that will trade off weight reduction and high strength.