About InFiniti

Institute for Frontier Science Initiative was newly established in April 2015. Our mission is to enable innovative research achievements and promote interdisciplinary research that may create new research areas. In so doing, we aim to enhance the research fields that Kanazawa University has an advantage, develop interdisciplinary research, and promote the international circulation of talented researchers. Hereafter, we envisage that the innovative areas in our institute, which emerge from fusion of heterogeneity of various disciplines, will make remarkable breakthroughs.
We believe that fostering young scientists holds the key. It is essential to produce research personnel who are interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and international and that can face and challenge various serious problems affecting mankind. To this end, we established Higher Education Department and develop and offer various research support programs for young teachers and graduate students. Also, we will actively participate in Graduate School of Frontier Science Initiative which we started April 2018 together with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Shinichi Nakamura
Director General
Institute for Frontier Science Initiative
Kanazawa University