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Renewable Energy Research Unit

Development of renewable energy for IoT society

Specialty:renewable energy energy harvesting storage of electricity

Keyword:vibration power generation solar cell energy harvesting wireless sensor hydraulic power generation wave activated power generation biomass combustion power generation formic acid battery artificial photosynthesis

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TAIMA Tetsuya

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This Research Unit of “the university integrated with the region and the society” aims to establish an energy research base for integration of power generation and information technology by taking advantage of the characteristics of the Hokuriku region. Through this endeavor, this Research Unit aims to accomplish a battery-free wireless monitoring system by realizing “anywhere power generation” through energy harvesting – vibration power generation and flexible solar cell – and by integrating sensor and wireless communication technology. The system to be established will be applicable to the monitoring of social infrastructure, production machines, agriculture, ocean and forests and to monitoring children. In addition, we are developing small-scale hydraulic power generation using irrigation water channels, wave activated power generation along the Noto region coast, and biomass combustion power generation using waste wood from forests. In order to cope with the fluctuation of electricity supply and demand, we are developing technologies for formic acid batteries and artificial photosynthesis. These developments will allow us to propose the best mix of power generation and storage, by combining these various power generation methods from small to large scale.