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International Cooperation Networking for Cultural Heritages Research Unit

Establishment of bases and a network for international cooperation for cultural heritage management

Specialty:archaeology cultural anthropology history of art history of architecture study of cultural heritage

Keyword:cultural heritage study of cultural resource international cooperation

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KAWAI Nozomu

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This Research Unit aims to establish an international cooperation network for research, preservation and utilization of cultural heritages around the globe. The Research Unit members have already performed research on various tangible and intangible cultural heritages in Central America, Eurasia and Africa for a number of years. Based on collaborations undertaken with global research partners, this Research Unit will promote the solid establishment of a research and education base at each research partner site. Furthermore, by connecting these bases through information and personnel exchanges with Kanazawa University as the hub, a global network for international cooperation will be established in the research field of cultural heritages. In addition, the Research Unit is to deepen “research into cultural resources,” which proposes new values of cultural heritages by information exchange and sharing through the network, and to develop new methods for research, preservation and utilization of cultural heritages, which contributes to realization of a sustainable society.

▲ Establishment of an international cooperation network for cultural heritages